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Pierce the Sun

is a hardcore platformer similar to the likes of Super Meat Boy, developed in Game Maker Studio 2.

The end of the world is fastly approaching as the sun comes falling down. Everyone is melting and it is your task, a small robot, to fullfill your duty and stop the Sun!


The Game features 15 Levels and maybe even more? Can you find and beat them all?

In each Level, it is your task to find a bean seed, plant it and let it grow so, with the help of the beanstalk, you can reach the next area.

But be carefull! Because the low sun, you start to overheat very fast, and if you are too hot, you will explode!


- WASD             - Used to move the player.
- Arrow Keys  - Use your drill in a specific direction.
- Space                - Jump
- Walljump        - Press Space when pressed against a wall
- Escape              - Pause


You will find a lot of obstacles on your way, but maybe also some secrets?


Version 1.0 -Release


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Is this ever going to come to windows ?

Any chance we can get this as a zip or single runtime exe?

I'll try my best, though Game Maker got a bit strange when it comes to exporting games in game maker 2 :/