To prevent confusion, the downloadable version includes additional support for custom music, local leaderboard and stores your scores and unlocked medals.

Feed the Beet Plus is an extended version of the Ludum Dare 41 game "Feed the Beat". It takes the basic rhythm game format and applies it to an endless runner and some other interesting mechanics, to create a unique rhythm game experience.

Achieve good scores in different music tracks and you might be rewarded with collectable medals by the beafy beet.

Can you become the best of the best? Climb the global leaderboard or check the scores of the other top players. You can even compete with your friends for the best position on the local leaderboard! (Only in the downloadable version).

Exclusive to the downloadable version, you can also add your own tracks to use for the game! (A readme is included in the downloadable .zip file that explains how to add your own music)


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Feed the Beet Plus (windows).zip 128 MB


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Looks at 100, but the rhythm with the music is loosely connected, just press the arrow buttons when the icons are suitable

Yea. feels like the buttons to press are basicly randomly generated to somewhat fit the song's BPM and nothing else. The idea is good but i dont think this kind of execution can work as well as they want it to.

Very awesome, but lacks content. Still cool!

i love this game :D

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I Love this game but i need a little bit of help putting custom songs on help would be great


i've followed all the instructions (made sure the song i'm adding is in .wav format and copying it to the game folder, noted down its name and bpm in the game folder in Appdata/Local) but it's not showing up!

You did a great job with this game, it looks and sounds great. I had a lot of fun playing!

Really cool game, in particular i liked the graphics of the game, though I also initially dealt with the "poking" method, but also soon I started the game.

After playing for a while, I thought that in the game at the moment you can click on the "bits", after I saw the "bits" of a larger size. Using a certain number of lives, I realized that you need to press a certain arrow on the keyboard. But it was very fun to learn it myself :)

Also useful tips for novice players:

  • Start the game with a space
  • Entering a name using the keyboard
  • Switching to the menu using the arrows
    If you want to do something using the keyboard, keep the rule of arrows, space, and Escape keys in your head.

And let music come with you!


I hate my computer for not run this in a good fps, but nice job, the art is just beautiful


This game is great. The amount of polish it has is insane. Great job Ben, just let's hope that next ldjam game remake won't happen right after this one :X 

The game page is super nice, great job!

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Hi! I've only played the demo but I like the game a lot! That said I have a few concerns...

-The visual polish is great (personal preference but a majority blue UI kind of makes the colourful characters feel flat... thought not an issue I think would be shared by many) , but whenever a slider pops up and I'm in the zone I kind of miss it a lot of the time because it is kind of just lighter blue on blue.

-The music is amazing but the speeding and slowing mechanic is kind of jarring for me? I'm not sure if it's preference but when the meter fills up and the music slows down I tend to miss the next note or so because it messes my timing, same for when it speeds back up again, maybe if it were a toggle or something it'd be ok?

-While I understand the levels are procedurally generated a lot of the beats feel very random? It doesn't quite play like a rhythm game in that I can tap to the beat (which does work to some extent) but more like me watching the bar and guessing when I should tap it.

-This last one could be completely unfounded if you can change settings in the paid game but cramping the buttons to only the arrow keys feels kind of clunky. Not only am I forced to fit all my fingers in one area (considering I'm playing it with 2 hands) but also it actively encourages one handed play, which may work for some people but coming from other rhythm games I find being able to divide my attention over the keyboard more comfortable and easier.

With that said I see a lot of potential in the game! I'm not a game designer so I don't know these mechanics all the way through, but I would love to see where this can go next!


Great work man, the level of polish is incredible :D

Thanks for your help in development! Without your help, I would have probably canceled it somewhere inbetween. xD