To prevent confusion, the downloadable version includes additional support for custom music, local leaderboard and stores your scores and unlocked medals.

Feed the Beet Plus is an extended version of the Ludum Dare 41 game "Feed the Beat". It takes the basic rhythm game format and applies it to an endless runner and some other interesting mechanics, to create a unique rhythm game experience.

Achieve good scores in different music tracks and you might be rewarded with collectable medals by the beafy beet.

Can you become the best of the best? Climb the global leaderboard or check the scores of the other top players. You can even compete with your friends for the best position on the local leaderboard! (Only in the downloadable version).

Exclusive to the downloadable version, you can also add your own tracks to use for the game! (A readme is included in the downloadable .zip file that explains how to add your own music)


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decent. hit detection is off tho, noticeable input drops

The graphics are REALLY cool and cute (except the sprites for the hold notes could be more visible); however the gameplay is a bit bad (at least on the web version, the one I played), because of the badly timed notes to press. I really wanna like this game though, I think it looks really charming and neat otherwise, and it would benefit a lot from having a better gameplay.


to comfirm name press down arrow and space bar


bro np

Ah, what a letdown. The custom mode works, but it mutes the music usually when a hold prompt comes up. Even tried turning off sounds, but it still mutes it. If a few issues are fixed, it could be my favorite game on itch.

The rhythm and the beats dont combine

how to confirm name

Seems a tad unoptimized, and it's noticeably slowing down in songs. (Web build)

Can you help me with custom music please? Maybe a video?

I have downloaded a couple songs and gotten them to play in the game as custom songs - the only problem is they are slowed down instead of playing at regular speed (this happens only in the game - the audio files themselves are fine). I've tried changing the tempo, but it doesn't appear to affect the song playback at all. Any ideas?

You have to choose the actual bpm of the track. You can google how to get that.


The real question is how do you start the game?


press space


how do you fullscreen

you can't.

go to the settings and tick off the fullscreen box

Good game but i think maybe adding WASD as usable buttons would be good for those who mainly use those, or just have really small arrow buttons.

whats the start bottom

on the loading screen, press space bar. After putting in your name, do the down arrow then space.

great game maybe make it download compatible for chromebook or am i the only one


Astounding game, BUT there needs to be a pause button lol


Um can some one tell me how you get past the user name place PLEASE

Use the down button and then press space to select the continue button. :)

really good nice wor



this is a really good game but i think if it had more modes this could game could be way better i think a mania mode would be great still this is a great game




nvrm I got i


Press the down arrow then space bar once you're done with your name


Help, I can't get past the title it just says start game and I can't do anything with my mouse or keyboard!


NVM I was just being dumb.

the music isn't playing for me on the browser, and I can't download it bc I have a Mac :(


good game

this game is so fun lol. can't wait for revita!

Played for about a half-hour and found this game to be pretty fun and addictive. It is very cute and the music is very catchy and nostalgic. As long as the music keeps going, I'm motivated to keep going as far as I can.

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I'd love to see some features:

-A one button mode (you press one button for all the notes)

-A mode without slowdown and speed-up (to keep the flow)

-An easier way to add custom tracks, maybe an option in the menu

Other than that, a question: For custom tracks, do i only have to write the track's name and BPM in their respective files or do i have to put the audio file somewhere?


-Pira :)

I would love those features in the game! But I'm pretty sure they have custom tracks in the download version.

do you know how to add them? i downloaded the game followed the "how to add custom music.txt" and it doesn't work

no idk how to add them, sorry! D:

Very juicy game!!!

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the game is good, but i don't get how to add custom songs

wonderful chiptone!


Can't input a name. Not sure if I'm doing something wrong or the game is broken.

I am doing something wrong, just move down with the down arrow key. A prompt would be nice.

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not the only one

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I'm gonna be honest

The game's ok. It has alot of issues holding it back, though.

The automatic generation for music to let it go on endlessly isn't the best at making it feel on-beat. The slow down/speed up mechanic is game-ending at the worst of times due to the difference in beat speed--- distracting at best. It ruins the flow of the song and comes out of nowhere, not like there's much of a rhyme or a reason for the beat placement.

The control scheme is awful-feeling to me, that being the arrow keys--- And no way the rebind the controls. I understand alot of people are comfortable with using the arrow keys, but... I feel like being able to customize the inputs would add alot of comfort to the game.

There can be better than this game, but there's definitely worse rhythm games. This has alot of potential, if it's worked on.

can't get past the input name screen

Press the down arrow to select the confirm name buttton, then press the space bar.

Button prompts do not match well with music. Also, the "hold" notes look too similar to the regular notes and I missed a bunch before I even realized what I was doing wrong. Please fix these issues!

i downloaded the game but when i try to run it windows says that, Windows Defender SmartScreen prevented an unrecognized app from starting. Running this app might put your PC at risk. does anyone know the solution to this

Jus run it

i love this game


i love the game but i need help with custom sadly i wont play the game untill i get help

Visually appealing, really thought it was going to be great but the gameplay feels odd.


Looks at 100, but the rhythm with the music is loosely connected, just press the arrow buttons when the icons are suitable

Yea. feels like the buttons to press are basicly randomly generated to somewhat fit the song's BPM and nothing else. The idea is good but i dont think this kind of execution can work as well as they want it to.

Very awesome, but lacks content. Still cool!

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