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.FUEL is an arcade, shoot-em-up esque kinda a game, with similarities to games like Asteroid. In .FUEL, you take control of a small spaceship on its mission to defend earth from Alien Drones,  while trying to not die yourself, from losing too much fuel.

How do I get more fuel?

While the game is running you are constantly losing fuel. If the tank hits 0, that's it for you. So how can you refill your tank? By defeating enemies! When defeating an enemy, they'll drop some fuel that you can collect. The higher your current combo, the more fuel they will spit out. But wait, Combos?


By making defeated enemies fall into other enemies, you can increase your combo multiplier. The higher the multiplier, the more points you get and the more fuel you get. You might even get some crate deliveries sent your way.

Item Crates!

When you reach a combo multiplier of 5, an item create will appear. By collecting those, you'll get a random powerup. It could be a laser, a triple shot or even homing shots! But be fast. As soon as they leave the screen, there is no way to get them back!

Those alien drones can be pretty brutal, by touching or shooting at you, they can deplet your fuel and you definitly don't want to lose all your fuel...


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this game awesome!

Nice work


i really enjoyed playing this game :), my heart jam entry was also about fighting in confined spaces, but yours is way more polished, much longer and more fun :D

Also, i like how you maintained a 16 bit style in all the game aspect (music, SFX, colours, sprites and even the way the final score is displayed LOL) a job well done indeed

Thank you! ^^


I'm always amazed by the high level of polishment that you provide in your games, and this one is no exception: Pure arcade vibes as well as a quite juicy feeling thanks to the screenshakes and the overpowered upgrades. Also, the tunes by Jason Lord were wonderfully fitting to the whole game! Thank you for your work. :)

That may be some of the reasons why I wrote an article about ".FUEL" and made a short gameplay video of it. <3 Can't wait to play the new games that you're working on! I hope to see more jam entries of you. :)

Best wishes,

Thanks for your encouraging words! I am always eager to read new articles by you about our games. Keep your eyes open around Ludum Dare, will be working on something for that =D


Can't wait for that! I'm sure you'll be a shining star and won't disappoint. :) Looking forward to your new game(s)!